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Florida RC Championship

Florida RC Championship

The project

The Florida RC Championship is a series of premier RC car racing events known for their professional organization, high-quality media coverage, and promotion of racers. The championship series, rapidly growing in popularity, provides a competitive platform for a diverse group of RC car enthusiasts throughout Florida.


The championship organizers were keen to foster a sense of community and identity among participants and spectators. They envisioned achieving this through the distribution of high-quality, custom promotional apparel featuring their brand. The challenge lay in producing a limited quantity of customized apparel that would resonate with the recipients and promote a sense of belonging to the 'Florida RC Family'.


Davie PrintWorks was up to the task, offering a blend of our Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing and embroidery services. We presented a selection of apparel items from our catalog, enabling the organizers to choose pieces that would best represent their brand. With the capability to provide highly customized designs on a variety of apparel, we ensured the unique vision of the client was realized.


Our journey with the Florida RC Championship started with an in-depth consultation to understand their vision and requirements. Our talented designers then converted these ideas into viable design concepts for the apparel.

Upon approval of the designs, we moved to the production phase. The precision of our DTG printing technology and the finesse of our embroidery machines allowed us to create visually striking apparel that reflected the exciting spirit of the championship events.

We carefully managed the logistics, ensuring the finished apparel reached the client in excellent condition and within the agreed timeframe.


Project image gallery of our works for this project


The custom apparel was a hit among the event participants, helping to instill a sense of identity and camaraderie. The Florida RC Championship organizers were thrilled with the outcome, noting an increase in brand visibility and community engagement following the distribution of the promotional apparel.


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